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A perfect way to enhance your beauty and wake up looking good effortlessly.

No Fuss

Permanent eyeliner can help enhance sparse lashes or give more definition to light or faded lashes.


Wake up with the perfect lip blush color with the best natural looking lip tattoo.


No need to worry of choosing the right color lip stick or the right color eyebrow makeup.

Why Us?

Trained Professionals

We have trained professionals who are qualified and experienced with permanent makeup and the specific techniques involved. They understand how important the planning phase is and take their time to create your perfect eyebrow shape and lip color. They make sure that you are happy with the design before doing permanent makeup.

Proper Planning

The planning process is the most important part of applying permanent makeup. It takes skill and careful application to create the correct thickness, shape, and color for your lips or brows. When you’re happy, we apply the perfect lip color and perfect shaped brows.

Effective Application

Our professionals first plan by drawing eyebrow size and hair thickness or matching the perfect color for your lips. Only once the patient is happy with the design or color does our specialist continues with the service. It is then applied by a machine.

Care and Follow-Up

We give you aftercare tips to ensure that the ink takes and don’t cause infection or smudging. We are always available for questions and advice before, during, and after the procedure. To ensure the best results, best contact us with any questions you might have.


Lip Blush

No Fuss

Low Maintenance

Natural Looking



Perfect makeup that stays impeccable at all times? This would have sounded like a fairytale some time ago, but now, it’s possible thanks to permanent makeup! Gone are the days of having to do your eyeliner and eyebrows every day. This revolutionary technique saves you time and money and will forever change your makeup routine.

Who hasn’t dreamed of waking up already fixed up and ready to start the day? For those of us who are used to wearing makeup every day, permanent makeup is a very practical solution. In this article, we will introduce you to the world of permanent makeup and its benefits.

The most popular permanent makeup techniques nowadays are permanent eyeliner and lip blush treatment. Together, they ensure that your eyes and lips remain flawless for years to come—without the need for any kind of additional makeup work.

How is permanent makeup applied? All the lines of the face or the area that will be treated are outlined with a pencil to ensure accuracy. Then the pigment is applied. A session usually lasts from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the level of detail that’s required.


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Permanent Makeup Benefits

  • Permanent makeup is always flawless. It doesn’t bleed, and it doesn’t wear off after a while. It stays impeccable no matter the conditions you’re in or how long you’ve had it on.
  • The puncture technique of permanent makeup stimulates microcirculation and activates your cells’ activity. All those little wrinkles are attenuated, especially those around your lips.
  • You can save a lot of time and money with permanent makeup. Just imagine for a second the amount of time you spend every morning doing your makeup, and add up how much you spend on all that makeup per year. All of that time and money are no longer necessary once you get permanent makeup.
  • On average, permanent makeup lasts about 5 years! Touch-up sessions are required but only every 1 or 2 years.


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There are a couple things that you should consider if you are thinking about permanent makeup. First, you should schedule your appointment around your menstrual cycle because pain is likely to be more intense when you’re on your cycle. Additionally, you need to be committed to complying with the basic recommendations that the practitioner will provide to you after the session. Applying petrolatum, avoiding sun exposure, consistently cleaning the area of treatment, and not eating food with high levels of sodium are some of the basic instructions that you will likely be given following a session.

The benefits of permanent makeup are pretty convincing. It’s a revolutionary treatment that you can take advantage of today. We are one of the most renowned practitioners of this technique in the area, so there’s no don’t need to go anywhere else if you are looking for permanent makeup in Charleston, SC.


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