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No More Wrinkles

Juvederm is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by filling in the space between the skin and smoothing out the skin in those areas. Say goodbye to wrinkles.

No More Lines

Juvederm gets rid of fine lines and creases by filling the gaps and giving the skin a smoother and more radiant look. It can even help make scars disappear.

Fuller Lips

Juvederm can give you the lips you always wanted by plumping them out or treating the augmentation. Say goodbye to thin and uneven lips and say hello to new, luscious you.


Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid filler which means it doesn’t use collagen like other fillers. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the human body which is a great advantage of this product.

Juvederm is one of the fillers that have been proven to be one of the safest fillers on the market. It also offers longer lasting results and is very effective. It is FDA approved and used mainly on the lines running from the nose to the mouth. It is also used for improving lip augmentation and fullness.

There are different Juvederm products and each has its own specific application or purpose. Juvederm products include Juvederm HYDRATE, Juvederm VOLIFT, Juvederm VOLUMA, and Juvederm Ultra 4. Your qualified doctor will use the product that is best suited to your needs.

Juvederm has been very successful as a filler and its results can last up to 10 months or even a year. The procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes and is relatively painless. Juvederm should only be administered by a qualified and registered health care practitioner in a medical setting. We offer the following fillers and injectables:  Botox, Restylane, and Radiesse. Schedule your next treatment today.


Recognized as Safe

Juvederm is one of the dermal fillers that have been proven to be safe. It is both safe and effective and offers long-lasting results. It stands out above other products on the market. It also doesn’t come with a lot of risks or complications.

Longer Lasting Results

Juvederm is a product that lasts longer than most other fillers. It can last up to 10 months or a year before touch-ups will be necessary. You can feel comfortable and happy with the new you for a long time when you use Juvederm.

Very Effective Product

Juvederm fillers are very effective and are known to make lines disappear as if they were never there. It takes 2 to 3 days to take effect and settle into its actual form and position. Once it’s settled, you will be surprised at how great you look.

Different Options Available

The lash lift can last up to 3 months before a new application is needed. You will save a lot of mirror-time because you won’t need makeup or that annoying eyelash curler.

Reduce Lines

Reduce Wrinkles


Fuller Lips



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Consultation and
Facial Assessment

Our qualified doctor sits with every patient and gets to know you and what you want. Based on your needs and wants, the doctor will explain how fillers work and what you can expect. He will also do a facial assessment to determine where the injections will need to be administered for the best and safest results.


Preparation of Eye Area

The technician places the pads above and underneath the eyes and combs the lashes to make sure they are separated and clean.



Once the skin and equipment are prepared, the doctor administers the injections at the planned sites. The sites are determined based on where veins and muscles are and where the lines are that you want to be treated. The injections are not very painful, but they may sting a bit and the area may burn. It shouldn’t feel any different than donating blood.



The recovery process shouldn’t take long. With Juvederm, you can expect the process to be completed within 2 or 3 days. Your doctor will give you aftercare guidelines to make sure that the product can settle and avoid any unnecessary complications.


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