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It is our goal to provide all of our patients with a comfortable environment, ensure they receive the highest quality beauty services, and maintain our professional and ethical standards.


Semi-permanent eyebrows that will change your life! This is ideal for over-plucked eyebrows, hair loss due to medical treatments, or just a more convenient and less time-consuming beauty regimen. Change your life today!


Botox treatments for medical and cosmetic purposes. Suffer from a medical condition that requires muscle numbing? We can help! Want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? You got it! You’ll be amazed with the results we’ll get you.


Keratin lash-lift treatments! Get darker, more curly, and eye-opening lashes with no pain and great results. Looking naturally gorgeous has never been this easy and you will save a lot of lash-curling time. Learn more about what we do below!

Why Us?

Trained Professionals

Our staff is trained to perform all our procedures in the safest way possible. We use the newest technologies and ensure that our staff stays up to date with all new developments. We pride ourselves on professional service and qualified personnel.

Attention To Patients’ Needs

Knowing our patients and understanding what they want is the most important part of our jobs. We don’t just do procedures. We consult with our patients to make sure that we know what they want. We inform each patient about options, dangers, and other important information.

Non-Invasive Procedures

Our team focuses on non-invasive and non-surgical procedures to help you look and feel young again. None of the procedures we do here requires surgery or any invasive techniques. Some procedures require local anaesthetics, but it is only to reduce discomfort.

Great Aftercare

Our patients are important to us. We offer great aftercare facilities and consultations to make sure that all procedures have the desired effects and no side effects. We have space where patients can rest to recover and we also have trained professionals to look after them.


Dr. Jack Hensel, Jr. is one of the most trusted and most popular plastic surgeons in South Carolina.


He is board-certified and completed his surgical degree at the University of Kansas. He completed his residency at Akron General and at Summa Health System for plastic surgery. He also completed a fellowship under Dr. Patrick Maxwell at Nashville Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Hensel specializes in breast surgery and body contouring. His team offers several non-surgical treatments to help men and women to feel better about themselves. He was once quoted saying that making people feel better about themselves and increasing their self-esteem is the best part of his job.


Dr. Hensel strives to make all his patients comfortable and answer as many questions as he can. He wants all his patients and staff to feel safe and like a family where their needs are important. He is very serious about knowing what his patients want and ensuring that they receive personalized treatments.


Contact us today to book your appointment. You will love the new you!


Eyebrow microblading is a form of permanent makeup that is also known as microstroking, 3D brows or eyebrow embroidery. This new technique is used to enhance and improve the appearance of eyebrows. We specialize in this service and have trained professionals that perform this procedure. It is a simple and relatively painful way to fill out eyebrows, make them thinner, or help with hair loss. A simple tool is used to draw fine lines that look like eyebrows to create the appearance that you want. The consultation and planning phase takes up the larger part of the standard two-hour appointments.

If you want less fuss and better looking eyebrows, this services may be the answer for you. You won’t need to draw your eyebrows in every morning or endure the pain of extensive plucking or waxing. You can now have semi-permanent eyebrows made to look exactly the way you have always wanted. The pigment can last up to three years and only require a touch up every year or so.


Botox refers to the use of botulinum toxin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also used to treat problems of overactive muscles and other medical conditions that influence the appearance of skin. The most common use is to help men and women to reduce the signs of aging and help them look and feel younger. Botox is used professionally by us to help patients get the anti-aging results they seek. We offer Botox procedures for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

If you are ready to look and feel younger and make non-surgical changes, Botox may be your answer. This is a safe and popular way to get rid of those frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles. Millions of people across the world trust in Botox to help them stay young. Our professionals are trained and qualified to safely perform Botox procedures and ensure the health and proper care of all patients before, during, and after the procedures. We also provide other dermal fillers such as Restylane,  Juvéderm, and Radiesse.


Keratin lash lift is the newest way to make your lashes look luscious and ready-to-go. We have trained staff to perform the lash lift procedure and give you the no fuss and no makeup lashes you’ve always wanted. The procedure makes use of keratin, which is a naturally occurring element in our bodies, to lift, curl, and tint your eyelashes for a wide-eye and more lush look. No harsh chemicals are used in this procedure.

If you are looking for a way to save time, look great, and leave the mascara in the past, lash lift is what you are looking for. The procedure is painless and is a natural way to enhance your eyelashes. It takes time to perform the procedure, but after it’s done, you will have hassle-free lashes for three or four months. People across the world are jumping to get their appointments book at the few trained professionals who can perform this procedure. Book yours today!


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