Charleston Elleebana Semi-Permanent Mascara

Eyelashes are part of every woman’s signature look and we all want them dark, lush, and long. Semi-permanent mascara may be the answer you’ve been looking for.


The process of applying semi-permanent mascara is pain-free and simple. No machines, no needles, no chemicals that harm the lashes.

Natural Looking

Semi-permanent mascara can be made to look absolutely natural without clumping looking sticky. You can put away the mascara and curler.


Lashes that are lush, long, and darker is what every woman longs for. Charleston semi-permanent makeup will give you exactly that.

Why Us?

Quality Products

We make use of only the highest quality products. We use only the best solutions of semi-permanent mascara to ensure our customers get the best results.

Qualified Staff

Our staff is qualified to mix the semi-permanent mascara solutions and safely apply it to our patients. Every beautician knows what to do and what the best practice is for every situation.

Great Service

We pride ourselves on great service. We offer excellent products and services to help you look great and feel better about yourself. We also offer thorough before and after advice and care.

Luscious Lashes




Elleebana semi-permanent mascara is a product available at Charleston Microblading Lash, Brow, and Botox Bar in South Carolina. This product is applied to eyelashes to give the idea of mascara without the daily effort.


Semi-permanent mascara consists of a solution that is applied to the lashes to make them look fuller, longer, and darker. The solution is waterproof and will stay on for a minimum of 5 days before it will start becoming flaky. The application is painless and takes between 15 minutes and an hour for completion.


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The first step is to clean the eye area and make sure that there is no leftover mascara or other makeup on your lashes. This is an important step to ensure you get the best results from your semi-permanent mascara solution.



Before applying the solution, we curl your lashes to prep them. Next, we apply the solution. The solution is mixed based on the look you want (mascara or natural) and the color of your lashes. We apply the solution with gentle brushes.



The next step is to allow the solution to set. We use a small fan to blow air over the solution and help it set from liquid to solid. The period needed for this is usually between 15 and 60 minutes. Once set, you are ready to see the new you.


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