When it comes to enhancing your eyebrows, there is only so much that you can fix when it comes filling in gaps and defining the shape with makeup. If you have naturally sparse eyebrows or have had one too many overzealous plucking sessions, filling in your brows every day can be a pain. But what alternatives are there? It isn’t like you can get a brow transplant, is it? Well, fortunately, you do have a much simpler alternative. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that fills in the gaps naturally with a pigment mixed to match the color of your brows.

The technique is similar to a tattoo, but the effect is much more natural-looking. It’s an enhancement that is designed to blend perfectly with your natural brows, and only you will know that you have had it done.
Why should you consider having the technique done for yourself? Let’s look at the top five reasons.

It Looks Completely Natural
There is some confusion about what microblading is. Some people are concerned that it will look harsh and unnatural. The big difference between tattooing and this technique is that the color is applied in several different strokes.

The pigment is mixed to match your natural brow color so no one can tell the difference there. It is then applied in short strokes so that it looks like your natural hair and not a single block of color.

You Can Throw Out Your Brow Pencil
Finding a brow pencil in exactly the right shade can be difficult to start with. Then you have the hassle of having to fill in your brows every day when you do your makeup. With this technique, you can have perfectly groomed eyebrows all the time. It is semi-permanent so you can toss out the brow pencil.

It Is NOT Painful
Let’s be honest; the term “microblading” sounds quite scary. It is not actually not as bad as you might think, though. The area is numbed beforehand so you won’t feel anything during the process. A special tool is used to make tiny incisions so that the pigment can be deposited into the skin. The area might be a little sore initially, but it heals up very quickly.

You Need to Cover Up Scars or Hair Loss
If you have an illness that has caused you to lose your hair, like alopecia or have lost your hair due to a medical treatment like chemo, this is the ideal solution. Perhaps you have a scar that prevents your eyebrow growing in as fully as it should, this treatment works wonderfully to fill in the gaps.

You Want a More Defined Shape
If only our eye brows were naturally perfectly symmetrical. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. One might be thinner or shorter than the other naturally or maybe you would just like a more defined arch or longer length. You can get to choose the shape that suits you best, without having to worry about perfectly applying your makeup every single day. Your eyebrows frame your face – nothing else makes quite as much difference to your look as keeping your eyebrows perfectly groomed. Microblading takes the hassle out of that for you.

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